Saturday, December 1, 2012


Welcome to my blog/website.  My name is Katie Rennie.  I am an avid genealogist, and have been an active researcher for 13 years.  Although I have done some lookups for people in the past, I am looking to expand and help more people find their history.

I am based in central Maryland, and have expertise researching in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and western New York, however I am more than willing to look at any issue you may have.  I will provide a FREE consultation to see whether I believe I can help you and also to make sure you feel comfortable with me.

After that, pricing will depend on whether travel is required.

No Travel (Online Only):  $20/hr, no minimum
<1hr: $50 minimum for 2 hrs of research; $20/hr thereafter
1-2hrs: $100 minimum for 4hrs of research; $20/hr thereafter
>2hrs: Contact for pricing

You will receive 5 free copies per 2 hrs of research.  Additional copies will be charged at the same price as the research facility (usually 50 cents or $1/page, though I've seen as high as $2/page).

Some of the resources I use include,

  • FamilySearch's microfilm rentals
  • HeritageQuest
  • ScotlandsPeople
  • Onsite research facilities including Courthouses, Historical Societies, State and County Libraries, etc.
  • Cemeteries
  • Genetic Genealogy (I have used these for my own family, though they require a certain amount of luck as to whether or not you have matches, unless of course you are specifically testing 2 or more people to see if they match)

For your reference, I'm about 45 minutes from the Maryland State Archives, and about 90 minutes from the PA State Archives.  I am well versed at utilizing each of them.

If you are interested, my email is:  Thanks!